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 Ylana Thomson

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Ylana Thomson

Ylana Thomson

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PostSubject: Ylana Thomson   Ylana Thomson I_icon_minitimeWed May 11, 2011 4:08 pm

NAME: Ylana Louise Thomson
PARENTS: Elizabeth (Crouch) and Augustus Thomson
SIBLINGS: Kayleigh-Marie Thomson
BIRTHDAY: 16th June
APPEARANCE: 5'8'' and quite pale skin with a clear complection. Long, straight sleek black hair and electric blue eyes. Full lips in a pretty face. Slim build and a ready smile.
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single, currently
PATRONUS: Cheetah Cub
EDUCATION: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 1971 - 1978; Gryffindor House
WAND: 11" Yew and Unicorn Tail Hair core
PERSONALITY: Ylana is kind and loyal and allows room for people to make mistakes, but not for insolence. She always sticks by what she believes in and will never back down. It takes a lot to get her angry, but when she is, she'll make sure she wins the argument, even if she's in the wrong. She has a calm and sarcastic personality overall and a lot of people go to her for advice.

BEFORE SCHOOL YEARS: Ylana was the youngest daughter of Augustus and Elizabeth Thomson; her older sister, Kayleigh-Marie, was born three years before her and was bought up to believe in the Pureblood ways that Voldemort so pushed for. Ylana herself was utterly brainwashed by her parents and wanted to be Sorted into Slytherin and become a respectable Death Eater for the Dark Lord herself like her parents, but those hopes were dashed when the Sorting Hat placed her in Gryffindor. Forced to sit beside her cousin, Sirius, whom she had always admired but never really understood, Ylana began her first night at Hogwarts on an argument.

DURING SCHOOL YEARS: After Sirius and James shouted her down on her very first night at Hogwarts, Ylana saw everything differently - it was true what they had said, all of it. She came around to their way of thinking mere hours after the fight and the next day swallowed her pride and apologised to both of them (they were so surprised). Then she became friends with the Marauders and with Lily and spent her years at Hogwarts laughing at James' attempts to win Lily's heart, and Lily's returned scorn and Hexes. Everyone thought of the Marauders as jokers who weren't serious about anything, but Ylana knew that they were dead set against Voldemort, no matter what anybody thought. And, after fighting her own nature and upbringing, Ylana was right beside them. However, halfway through fifth year, Ylana's sister, Kayleigh-Marie, was killed in a battle. She had been trying to leave Voldemort's side and a Deaeth Eater had shot a Killing Curse at her before she had reached the side of the Order of the Phoenix. Ylana vowed that she would be against all Slytherins because of what had happened to her sister, and was all the more formiddable for it. Particularly good at Potions, Charms and Arithmancy, Ylana is a good student and tries her hardest at everything (except maybe Divination and Transfiguration... Boring lessons much?).

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Julian Carter

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Hey...sup? *grins* Wink
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Ylana Thomson
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