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 Julian Carter

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Julian Carter

Julian Carter

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NAME: Julian Maddox Carter
PARENTS: Dorian and Jade Carter
SIBLINGS: Christabelle Carter (Younger)
BIRTHDAY:July 18, 1961
BLOOD STATUS: Pure-blood
APPEARANCE: Blonde, 5'11, blue eyes, and good looking
EDUCATION: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; September 1972- June 1979 ; (Gryffindor)
WAND: Elm, Hippogriff talon, 12 inches


Being the eldest and only son of the Carters, Julian was taught that he needed to uphold the family name and carry on their legacy. He highly valued the pureblood supremacy and always took his father's words on a serious note. Even from a young age he was seem following his father around, wanting to be exactly like him. Often gone on business trips, his father paid little attention to his children and Julian's desire for love from his father went by ignored. Whenever his father was home, he'd constantly criticize his son and ask why he wasn't good enough or why he wasn't trying harder. The lack of affection and love from his father slowly started to develop a shell around Julian's heart making him become cold-hearted and afraid to love anyone.

The only two people he was fiercely loyal too were his younger sister and his mother. When his father would sometimes come home drunk or pissed off because he lost a poker game, Julian would make sure his sister was out of the way. He didn't want her to have to deal with him or see their father for what he truly was, an ass. Julian would be willing to go to extend if it meant protecting his sister, even getting smacked and taking the blame for something she did that pissed their father off.


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Julian Carter
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