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Regulus Black

Regulus Black

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NAME: Regulus Arcturus Black
PARENTS: Walburga & Orion Black
SIBLINGS: Sirius Black
BIRTHDAY: 14 February 1961
APPEARANCE: Tall, Dark, Handsome -- Dark hair, Dark eyes -- slim
EDUCATION: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, 1972-1979 (Slytherin)
WAND: Rowan and Phoenix Feather, 12 inches
Even as the more reserved son of the two Black brothers, Regulus outshone Sirius, quickly becoming the Black prodigy. Orion and Walburga knew that Sirius was a lost cause long before even he did, so with their new son, they hoped for a success in imparting their traditions and values. And success they were granted, for even at an early age, Regulus showed signs of slight sadism: He enjoyed pulling at his older brother’s hair, and quickly began biting his family members harshly, drawing blood as soon as he had begun to teethe. His reaction to the pain he inflicted upon everyone else in his family: Laughter. He was not quite as energetic and independent as Sirius had always been; Regulus, in fact, could always be found clinging to his mother’s hip or his father’s shoulder.

His relationship with his parents was far different than the relationship he had with his only brother, however. When the two were still toddlers, Sirius being only about thirteen months older than Regulus, they got along harmoniously: Playing games such as Aurors and Death Eaters (Regulus always making a point to be the Death Eater, which, admittedly, did not surprise Walburga or Orion; and if Regulus did not get his way, a tantrum was to be had) and flying around the house on toy brooms, creating a chaos like none other, were the norm for the brothers. They laughed and played together like the best of friends… and that they were: Best friends forever.

Or were they?

The older the brothers grew, the more drastically bad things changed. Regulus watched as his best friend became the black sheep of the Black family, being Sorted into Gryffindor House. Sirius did not have to listen to his parents call their eldest son an oddity; Sirius did not have to watch as his own family turned on him; Sirius did not have to fall victim to a more torturous regime of purist beliefs. No, Sirius did not have to endure any such atrocity; he was off at Hogwarts, the best school in the magical world, as far as Regulus was concerned. He could not wait to go to the school himself; it was only one more year, and he would become the son for whom his parents yearned.

And then Sirius came home that summer, and Regulus made it a point not to talk to him. The love he had had for Sirius was completely depleted, not only due to the drifting that had occurred while Sirius was away, but also because of what Regulus had been forced to endure during Sirius’s absence. Regulus hated him for that, and the detestation only grew more violent.

Regulus heard his parents constantly talking about a man rising to power, a man who would bring the right change to the magical world, and Regulus was immediately intrigued. Lord Voldemort: The man with the power to make Regulus the Black prodigy.

When Regulus was Sorted into Slytherin House the following year, he was unsurprised to find the majority of his classmates sharing the same purist views by which he had been surrounded during his early school-age years. He quickly befriended those with the same passion as his family, and from there, his dreams to be one with Lord Voldemort only grew more passionate.




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Regulus Black
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