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 Caroline Waldorf

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Caroline Waldorf

Caroline Waldorf

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NAME: Caroline Elizabeth Waldorf
PARENTS: Grayson and Elizabeth Waldorf
BIRTHDAY: May 13, 1961
BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood (1/4 Veela)
APPEARANCE: 5'8 ,Blond curly hair, and blue gray eyes - Veela looks
PATRONUS: Monarch Butterfly
EDUCATION: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; 1972-1979; Ravenclaw
WAND: Birch 11'' with Hippogriff Talon core
She's bright and cheerful but has her bitchy moments. She extremely competitive when it comes to guys. Constantly trying to be more popular and better than Lily Evans, Caroline isn't always the best friend to Lily. Caroline is a girl that knows what she wants whether it is to be lusted after by the hottest guys in school, getting attention, or having a pretty party dress. She loves looking cute and always makes sure that her outfits look good. She's peppy but gets jealous easily. If it isn't concerning something she wants, Caroline is extremely loyal to her friends and will do anything for them.



Caroline grew up in Salem, Massachusetts and was taught by a private tutor. Both of her parents were respectable pureblood wizards (her father was a wizard and her mother was half veela) and she was taught to be proper and polite. From a young age, Caroline was constantly complimented on for her looks and she often entered in beauty contests.

Her family decided to move to English when Caroline was nine years old for her mother's job, photography. Her father owns a well-known recording company, so she's often invited to attend parties. Having a fun time was one of her favorite things to do, and even at a young age, she was helping plan the events and socializing.


When Caroline received her Hogwarts acceptance letter, she was ecstatic. She loved the idea of being able to go to a wizarding school and hang out with British people, especially British boys. Her American accent was still strong and remained that way all her years throughout Hogwarts. She developed British terms such as snogging or shagging, but she never talked completely like them. While her accent set her apart, she was not as unusual or interesting as the rest of the girls she hung out with.

Lily Evans was the popular smart girl that everyone was friends with while Alice was the tomboy that knew all of the guys. Caroline was the most girly of all of them and often avoided doing work because she was afraid it would mess up her nails. This gave her a more uptight, insecure type of personality, constantly needing affirmation to feel good about herself.

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Caroline Waldorf
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